Decorating the exterior of your home to suit your tastes effortlessly and increase curb appeal only takes four things to make it all happen: impeccable taste (or a good home stylist), a flexible budget, the internet, and a good roof.

While the first three are far easier to find or come up with in one way or another, you might struggle to find a reliable guide on how to create a good roof anywhere without having to spend days trying to find the right answer — but that’s why this article exists in the first place! When coming up with the perfect exterior plan, it’s important to make sure your roof goes seamlessly with everything else that you’re doing with your home’s outside look. This can be accomplished with the right tips and a keen attention to detail.

That being said, if you do things the wrong way, you might end up creating an exterior finish where your roof sticks out like a sore thumb. In order to ensure that all things are in check when finalizing your exterior plan and putting everything into action, there are certain tips you’ll need to keep in mind when trying to pick the right roof color for your home.

How you can properly choose your roof’s color
Curious as to how you can make your roof cooperate with your design plan? Here are a few must-follow tips to pick the perfect color for your home’s roof:

// Get a color that complements your shutters and siding
One way to come up with a funny-looking house is to get a roof color that doesn’t match with your home’s shutters and siding in any way. While your shutters might be easy to change on a whim, your roof isn’t the best candidate for a quick revision, so it’s best to opt for a roof color that can be easily paired with a multitude of shutter color options so that you won’t be too limited on either end of the stick. One the other hand, your siding will always be a different color from your shutters and roof, so it’s best to get a color for your roof that contrasts well with your them, yet matches with your shutters without looking too forced.

// Stay on the same page as your home’s architectural style
When it comes to selecting the right roof color for your home, it’s important to start by considering the architectural style of your house. Here are some rules you should keep in mind:

● Classic homes look best with classic color palettes (such as neutral colors or standard color options).
● If your home has a more traditional architecture style, you’ll definitely want to stick with traditional roof colors in order to keep a seamless look that plays the part in maintaining your home’s history!
● Homes with a rustic architectural style work best with greens, weathered grays, and browns to help enhance the homey feel while looking right at home with the rest of the house.
● Victorian and Colonial homes are best when matched with natural slate tiles up-top to help create a cohesive feel.
● Orange-red colors pair well with the curved and layered tiles that are often found in Stucco-style homes.

// Lay off the brick
Although a regular red brick tile for you home’s roof might seem like the easiest and safest option, the opposite is actually quite true: the reddish finish of brick roofs is often hard to complement and work with, which can limit the color options that you can go with for other parts of your home. In order to get more wiggle room in terms of how your home can look overall, it’s best to stay away from the red brick option and look for other colors that are easier to work with. This way, you can invite creative freedom without any other unnecessary restrictions.

// Take note of the sun
Aside from trying to match your home’s architectural style, fixtures, and any other related elements, you should definitely consider how your roof is going to look like under the bright rays of the sun or the lack thereof. Some roof colors look spectacular with your home, with beauty that is further amplified when the sun hits just right. Other options, however, don’t work as well with the sun and make the rest of your home look tacky no matter what angle you use to look at it. When going for a roof option or color, it’s important to note that the sun can also make or break your home’s entire look, so don’t skip the all-important part of making sure your color option works well with sunlight.