Every year people fall for one of the oldest scams in the book. Someone posing as a licensed roofing contractor approaches someone offering their services. They tear apart your roof under the guise of being willing to repair it only to leave the customers with no roof, a lot of missing money, and no idea where the contractor has gone.

It usually turns out that the person is not a contractor and was scamming people for their money under the guise that they would fix their roof. These scammers are prevalent and can be pretty crafty when it comes to tricking poor unsuspecting customers into paying for their false services.

Luckily we have knowledge on our side. There are typically signs that you can be on the lookout for that will give us an idea of when someone is trying to pull a fast one.

They appear after a heavy storm

Those of us who live in Florida understand this better than anyone. When a heavy storm comes through there can be roofing damage afterward. That roofing damage needs to be repaired by a professional and could be expensive. So you start looking for someone that can repair your roof for a reasonable price.

Someone that is trying to scam you will appear out of the blue following a storm. They typically drive around neighborhoods looking for people that are in need of service following a storm. They will come in when you are stressed out and hit you with a great offer. These people are appealing to your emotions to try and get you to go against your research and trust your roof to some stranger.

They might offer a free quote on your roof if you let them look at it right now. Once they get up there though they will inevitably find something wrong. It might not even be an issue related to your actual damages. You just need shingle repair, but now they have found something wrong with the foundation and need a hefty deposit.

Once they’ve collected a deposit from you to work on the house they will either disappear or come do some “work” on the house. That work usually consists of tearing it apart and then disappearing. Do not fall for this scam. If someone doesn’t seem trustworthy then trust yourself and don’t hire them.

They won’t show their license

If you ever do find yourself in this kind of situation then use your logic. Demand they show you their license. Anyone that’s actually contracted as a roofer will have no problems showing you their license as proof that they really are qualified to work on it.

At All Star Roofing we have proof of our license right at the top of our home page. We’ve been in operation for 50 years and over that time we’ve earned the trust of our customers for our reliability. You know with us that we are the real deal.

Ridiculously low price

We all want the best deal on our roof, but if this supposed contractor approaches you with the price of your dreams then consider this in your evaluation of them. Why is the price that much lower than the rest of your research? That’s likely because they’re a fraud. Don’t let them get you caught in their scheme.

All-Star Roofing will always try to offer the most fair price for a project. Every roof repair job is different, but that’s why we try to be open to our customers. We will never give you a quote that is meant to mislead you.

Sudden damage

When a scammer looks at your roof they may notice what’s actually wrong with it, but they will also attempt to find something that is not wrong with it. This unexpected damage is usually false, or not as severe as they make it out to be, so they can drive the price up on you further. Even worse, they might “find” this damage after they’ve already collected your deposit and demand they receive even more money from you.

Use your logic with this. If a Hurricane has blown through and all it did was blow off some shingles then there shouldn’t be a need to replace the entire roof. Did anyone else in your neighborhood have to replace their roof? Why are you the only one? All-Star Roofing will always be able to explain what your damage is, what likely caused it, and what we can do to fix it.


Another classic roofing scam is related to insurance. When the scammer approaches you with their price they might offer to pay your deductible or they might offer to bill you less and your insurance more. This is classic insurance fraud and if they get you caught up in it that could get you in trouble along with this scammer.

We have proof of insurance at All-Star Roofing and will always bill everything appropriately. Insurance fraud is a crime and not one we want to participate in.

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At the end of the day your knowledge and logic is your best friend. If someone appears out of the blue with an offer that is too good to be true, adds on some sudden damage, and then says they can get you a cheap deal out of your insurance? Tell them you are uninterested.

Instead, hire proven roofers with a track record of success. At All-Star Roofing we deliver a fair service and after you do your research you will find that we’re one of the best options available to you for roofing.

Give us a call at 813-672-4743, or use our contact form. Explain your situation and we can give you a free estimate. Always trust a proven and reliable roofing service like ours.