Roof Problems

5 Common Roof Problems

Most homeowners in South Florida know that roofs need to be maintained and repaired as they age. Roofs need to be maintained to ensure that they are protected from the weather and keep them intact. It is important to be aware of the signs that your roof may be in trouble and to know when to call an expert. These are the most common roof problems in Florida and here’s how to spot them.


We get many calls from Florida regarding roofing leaks. Roof leaks can be caused by severe weather conditions and roofing materials that are beginning to fail. Leakages can occur when a roof begins to crack or break. Roof leaks can result from poor maintenance, inadequate installation, and extreme strains like during storms. These leaks can be prevented by having a plan for regular inspection after storms and regular maintenance of your roof.

Drains That Are Clogged

Clogged drainage pathways can lead to water problems that can often be associated with sales order roofs. Clogged drains or downspouts can lead to roof weight problems and accelerate the degrading of roofing membranes. Water cooling can lead to algae growth and serious problems with flushing your foundation. It is important to have a professional roofer inspect your roof and clear out storm drains.

Rot And Vegetation Removal

Algae and vegetation can build up on roofing systems. This can cause drainage problems. Shingle roofs can become rotten and fall off, exposing the membrane. This can lead to roofs becoming more susceptible to shingle curling, buckling, and eventually leaks. A lack of roof maintenance or cleanup can often lead to unwelcome debris and vegetation.

Cracking Shingles

Alligatoring, or cracking of shingles, is quite common in roofing in Tampa. Deep cracks can occur when bituminous materials in roofing shingles dry out. This can cause shingles to erode away. The heat index rises and shingles crack more easily. This issue can be prevented by regular inspection of roofing tiles and the application of UV protection to roofing systems.

Roof Flashing Problems

Roof flashing protects the seams between roof fixtures. It is common for flashing to occur between vent pipes or chimneys. The asphalt around flashing can begin to degrade and cause a series o expansions and contractions in a roofing system. Sunlight can melt the asphalt and expose flashing, which can cause roof damage like leaks or poor drainage. Problems can also arise from improperly installed roof flashing, or flashing that is pulled away from your home. Before it’s too late, spots any gaps in your flashing. This can be done by regular inspection.

All Star Roof Repair offers experienced licensed contractors to repair all across Tampa Bay including, Sarasota roofing, Clearwater roofing, Lakeland roofing, and more. Contact us today if you need a skilled roof repair expert or professional inspector. These common roof problems can be identified and repaired by us.

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