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6 Advantages of Tile Roofing in Tampa

Do you need tile roofing in Tampa FL? Tile roofing is an investment and should never be overlooked, especially if you’re deciding on a new roof for your home. The fact of the matter is, tile roofs are expensive to install initially but often have lower life-cycle costs, which means they’re a good investment in the long run.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of tile roofing.

There are many types of roofing available on the market that can protect your home and help enhance its value. Each roof has its benefits and some downsides, but now that you are a homeowner, the only question is which one should you use? Here are six advantages tile roofing offers for homeowners.

1. Lovely and Long-Lasting

Tile is long-lasting, beautiful roofing material. The natural beauty of tiles has been highly prized for thousands of years. With the addition of roof design options, shapes, profiles, and other decorative options, they are still highly valued today. Tile roofing in Tampa is beautiful and structurally sound, in contrast to wood shakes and shingles.

Concrete and clay tiles are also available in many colors. This makes it easy to match them with your home’s exterior color scheme.

2. Strong

Tile roofing benefits go far beyond its aesthetic appearance. Tile roofs are extremely resistant to hail, fire, and frost. They can also last hundreds of years. A properly installed tile roof will last for many years, which is a great benefit for resale.

Tile roofs also have an additional layer of protection. The outer shell of the tile that sheds water is included. This layer is placed over an underlayment, which provides additional protection on clay roofing.

3. Sustainable

Tile is not made from petroleum-based roofing and does not have any chemical preservatives.

Concrete and clay are not limited by their natural resources and do not contain preservatives. The waste from their manufacture can be recycled rather than thrown away. Tiles have a long life span, so there is less need to re-roof, which reduces landfill waste.

4. Multifunctional

Tile roofing is among the most versatile roofing materials. Concrete or clay can be made to look like chipped stone, shingle-style slate, or wood shakes. It also has the ability to mold concrete or clay into traditional barrel-or S-shaped profiles. It’s possible to find the right combination for any architectural style.

5. Energy Efficient

Tile roofs are an excellent thermal solution to heat loss and gain in any climate. Natural ventilation under tiles creates an airtight barrier that can lower energy costs by up to 20%. This is because it cools a house in the summer and warms it in the winter.

The natural airflow from the top keeps energy costs down throughout the year, for both summer cooling and winter heating.

6. Noise Cancellation

Roof tiles are soundproof. It is a great way to reduce outside noise and keep you comfortable inside your home.

Tiles can reduce noise by nearly 30 decibels compared to other roof materials. This is twice the amount of other material.

If you live in a noisy neighborhood, it will block noise from entering your house. You can finally sleep at home knowing that it won’t disrupt your nighttime sleep in the face of difficult weather.

Tile roofing in Tampa is the ideal solution for both residential and commercial purposes. They are typically made from clay and concrete. All Star Roofing can help you replace your roof with a tile one or upgrade it with a newer model.

Tile Roofs Made Easy with All Star Roofing

If you’re considering using tile on your roof, you may be looking for an expert guide to walk you through the process. And that’s where All Star Roofing comes in.

No matter what design you’re looking for, All Star Roofing has the experience and know-how to get the job done professionally and with care. So if you’re ready to explore your roofing options in-depth, contact us today for a FREE estimate!

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