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All Star Roofing’s Local Roof Inspection Guide

You will need to know the condition of your building before you start any type of work, regardless of whether you own a business or a private residence. Roofer projects can be very expensive. A roof inspection will help you understand any potential roofing problems that may be occurring in the future. Contractors will be able to provide more precise estimates for the cost and time required to complete any roofing work. What can you expect from a Tampa roof inspection? What should you do to prepare for the inspection? We’ll help you prepare by giving you an overview of both residential and commercial roof inspections.

What Is The Average Time It Takes To Inspect A Roof?

The answer will vary depending on how large your roof is and how complex the structures are. Simpler roofs may take only 30 minutes to inspect. For large commercial buildings or homes with numerous gables, dormers, and other architectural features, you can expect to spend at least two hours.

Examining The Roof’s Exterior

Your roof’s surface will be inspected and checked for damage. The inspector will inspect the roofing materials and note any missing or decaying components. The inspector will inspect for holes, cracks, or sagging as well as damage to flashings, fascia boards, and gutters. Any loose nails or other fastening components will be noted.

Exterior inspections may be possible via drone in certain cases. This will not require access to your roof.

Examining The Roof’s Interior

This is where structural problems are assessed. The inspector will need access to the attic to inspect the roof decking and insulation.

Inspectors will be able to determine if any trusses or rafters, struts, or other supporting structures are cracked, bent, or rotted at this stage. You will need to check your insulation’s R-value, as well as any signs of mold, excess humidity, or poor ventilation.

Commercial Vs. Residential Roof Inspections

What is the difference between commercial roof inspections and those for private homes? Commercial inspections may require additional work at certain points.

Equipment Site Checks

Rooftops are often used to house equipment such as A/C systems and water tanks. This means that they require extra care. Equipment can cause roof damage due to wind stress and weight. Leaks and condensation can also lead to cracks and rotting. If you have a commercial roof, expect a professional inspector to spend additional time inspecting the areas where equipment is installed.

Core Sampling

Core sampling is an additional step that is almost exclusively used for commercial roof inspections. Core sampling is a common step for commercial rooftops. Commercial roofs are flat surfaces made up of many layers. If a new roof is required, it can sometimes be installed directly over the existing layer provided that certain conditions are met.

It can be difficult to keep track of the number of roofing layers over time and with different owners. To determine if you are allowed to add another layer or if you need to strip the roof and rebuild, it is important to check how many layers there are. Florida’s building code allows only two layers of roofing.

A core sample taken from the roof can be used to determine how many layers are present. This involves drilling to the roof decking and then removing a cross-section of each layer. This sample will show what materials were used, how they were structured, and the possible cause of any defects. This sample can be used to detect mold, corrosion, and asbestos.

Issue The Report

Residential and commercial roof inspections end with a formal report that details the roof’s condition, and any potential issues. If applicable, it should include recommendations for repairs and a plan to execute a new installation.

Most inspection reports include at most rough estimates of the cost of the work proposed. Your inspection company should be able to provide cost-effective solutions to any issues you have, as well as account for any preferences that you may have expressed during the consultation.

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