High Wind Damage

Avoid High Wind Damage To Your Roof

Modern shingle roofs are capable of withstanding winds up to 90 mph. There are many roofing options that can withstand hurricane-force winds. However, asphalt shingles are the most popular choice. Asphalt shingles are one of the most affordable roofing materials and they are also the most widely available roofing material. Asphalt shingles are strong enough to withstand high winds. However, you should have a roof inspection done every time your home is subject to high wind damage. High winds can cause damage to roofing materials and shingles. These are top tips for roofs and high winds and how to avoid high wind damage to your roof.

Common Roof Damage

The most common types of high wind damage reported are shingles that have been lifted or shingles completely removed from the roof. It is easy to see missing, broken, or lifted shingles and should be addressed immediately. This type of damage could make your roof more susceptible to leaks. This type of damage can be difficult to spot and can cause shingles to lift and then settle down after the storm passes. You should also look at common issues like loosening nails or roofing materials, such as roofing shingles. Your roof may also be less resilient to wind and water damage if the seals beneath your shingles are broken. If you’re experiencing several tropical storms, or your roof is under a hurricane, this can be a problem.

Proper Prevention

It is important to prevent high wind damage if you live in areas that are frequently affected by hurricanes and tropical storms. Ceiling strips are a great way to protect your roof from wind damage. You can ensure that your shingles bond to your roof by installing strips with shingle repairs. These strips are easy to install in areas like Florida and will adhere to your roof.

If you’re expecting strong winds, you might also want to consider roof cement. High wind straps can be used to secure your roofing materials and help prevent any damage from occurring.

You should immediately notify a roofing contractor if you notice high winds have damaged your roof or your roofing materials are in disrepair. If you plan to do roofing replacements, make sure to check any homeownership warranties and warranties concerning your roofing systems. Only use approved contractors during the entire process.

If you need assistance with roofing materials damaged by high winds, contact us immediately. We will perform an inspection and help you with any roofing repairs.

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