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Benefits Of Metal Roofing In Florida

Metal roofing in Florida is becoming more popular due to its many advantages. Metal roofing is a rapidly growing industry. The industry has tripled in size over the past decade and continues to grow every year. This article will review the benefits of installing metal roofing in Florida.

What Are The Benefits Of Metal Roofing In Florida?

Metal roofing has many advantages over shingles or tiles. Metal roofing is more durable than other roofing materials, requires less maintenance, and is far more efficient.

Longer Lifespan

Metal roofs last longer than any other roofing material in Florida. Your roof should last a lifetime in humid conditions that are susceptible to hurricanes. Other roofing materials, such as shingles, will only last about 15 years if all goes well. Shingles last for only twelve years. Metal roofs are better than traditional roofs. They can last for your entire life and will not need to be replaced. The following table shows that metal roofs are more durable than shingle roofs.

How Long Do Metal Roofs Last?

Metal roofs typically last between 40 and 70 years. This will vary depending on how often the roof is maintained over its life. A roof that is well maintained will last longer than one that isn’t. Because of its low maintenance requirements, a metal roof is simple to maintain.

Superior Wind Resistance

Metal roofs are stronger than other roofing materials, and hurricane-force winds are a major threat to Florida. Your metal roof will withstand the worst storms. Wind cannot catch the bottom edge of your metal roof. This is where gutters meet the roofline. Wind won’t be able to get through the roof because it is so tight.

As Well As Lightning Resist?

Metal roofs are less susceptible to lightning than other structures. A metal roof is safer than any other type of lightning strike. Metal roofs can be combined with fire-resistant materials to disperse the strike, leading it down to the ground. Your metal roof won’t catch fire if lightning strikes.

Increased Curb Appeal

With their sharp and sleek appearance, metal roofs can enhance the beauty of your home. There are many colors available that can be matched to different architectural styles. You can make them look like tiles or shingles.

Home Value Increases

A metal roof will not only enhance the visual appeal of your home but can also increase its market value when you decide to sell it. Potential buyers will be able to tell a lot about your house when they see it. All the advantages of a metal roof home will be available to them. Metal roofs can last for 50+ years so it is not necessary to replace them immediately.

Energy Efficiency Improvements

The cost of air conditioners is high. Florida’s heat can make it impossible to live without cooling your home. Your roof could be the cause of your air conditioner’s inefficient operation or high energy bills. Asphalt shingles can heat up your attic and cause it to heat up. The heat from the asphalt shingles can seep into your home, raising the temperature that your air conditioner must control.

A metal roof’s energy efficiency is determined by its reflectivity (reflecting the sun) and its emissivity (how quickly it releases heat that is then transferred to it).

Different roofs have different coatings so each roof is unique. Metal roofs are capable of providing high performance in both these areas. Metal roofs are efficient enough to lower the need for air conditioners when it is warmer.

More Sustainable Than Other Materials

Metal roofing can be 100% recycled. Metal roofing is far more durable than other options.

Resistant To Fires

Metal roofs are fireproof. These roofs can withstand lightning strikes as well as wildfires and are made of zinc, copper, and steel. Metal roofs are less likely to catch fire or ignite flames than other roofing materials.Your sleep will be much easier if you know that your roof is an investment in the safety of your family.

Potential Insurance Discounts

Did you know that metal roofs can be eligible for insurance discounts? Metal roofs are less common for insurance companies to cover. You could save money every month by having your insurance company notify you that you have changed to metal roofs, and asking for a decrease in your premium.

Lower maintenance costs

Each homeowner is familiar with the many tasks involved in keeping a house in good shape. It is possible to save money by hiring roofing contractors to get the job right the first time. You can spend your time doing the things you love most. Instead of spending money on roof repairs, invest in metal roofing that will not need to be replaced after every storm.

Lightweight Options Are Available For Various Types Of Homes

Metal roofs are lightweight and long-lasting. For homes with weaker roofs or those who are worried about the effects of metal roofing on their structures, it is an excellent option.

How Do You Maintain A Metal Roof?

Although metal roofing in Florida is easy to maintain, it can be difficult to keep clean. You should inspect your roof at least once a year for the following:

Metal Roofing In Florida

Metal roofing provides long-term protection in Florida’s hurricane-prone climate. When you invest in a roof, it is important to make sure that it is easy to maintain. Many homeowners choose metal roofing over shingle and tile roofs.

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