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Bradenton Roof Replacement: Signs You Need A New Roof 

Stable roofs are important for keeping you and your family safe. Before you panic, find a trusted Bradenton roofing contractor to take a look at the issue.  While a few spots on your roof may not be enough to guarantee a roof replacement, there are other signs that you might need a new Bradenton roof replacement.

The Age Of Your Roof

The life expectancy of any roof will depend on the material it’s made of. Here is the average life span of Bradenton roofing systems:

It’s time to contact a local roofing company if your roof is reaching its maximum age. If you have an asphalt roof shingle roof, you can replace the entire roof or overlay the existing shingles.

The process of installing shingles over an existing layer is called “overlaying”. Overlaying can cost 25% less than total Bradenton roof replacement. However, it will give your home a fresh look. It is better to remove the old roof and start over. You can catch problems under the shingles, and it has a longer life span than overlays.

Noticing Exterior Damage

Even if your roof isn’t considered to be old, it is worth performing a visual inspection every few years to look for any potential problems. Exterior damage to asphalt or wooden roofs can appear as shingles that have become curled or bent, missing or look work- or warped. You should inspect your metal, slate, rubber, clay, clay,, or concrete tile roof for areas that appear thin or cracked or missing pieces or that appear worn.

Pay attention to the areas most susceptible to damage when you inspect your roof. These areas include slopes that are exposed to direct sunlight, as well as valleys where your roof meets the ground. Valleys are an important part of your roof. They direct water runoff to gutters, instead of into your walls. Your roof could leak if you notice damage to the valleys. Also, make sure to inspect your gutters as well as downspouts.

Your Roof Has Sagging Or Soft Spots

If you see saggy or droopy spots, it is likely that your decking (the support structure which holds the roof up), has been damaged by moisture and needs to be replaced. Ask yourself how safe it is to walk on the roof. If the roof feels soft or bouncy, contact a roofing professional immediately.

Storm Damage

You should act quickly if you notice signs of damage to your roof, whether it is old or has recently been hit by a storm. Roof damage can be fixed if caught early. However, if it isn’t treated quickly, it can lead to more serious problems. A residential roofing company can inspect your roof to determine if repairs are sufficient to repair the damage or if you require a new roof. Most inspections are free and do not require any commitment.

Visible Leaks

An obvious leak is one of the signs you should have your roof replaced. A roof leak in Bradenton can occur for many reasons. These include storm damage, worn-out roofing materials, and even storm damage. As roofing materials become weaker, water can seep through the shingles into the rest of your house. This can lead to water intrusion and visible puddles in the house during heavy rainstorms. Although small leaks may be repaired or patched by a roofing contractor in some cases, larger leaks will often go unnoticed until they become more serious and need a larger fix.

It’s time for your roof to be replaced if you have a persistent leaky roof or multiple leaks. A professional roofing company can inspect your roof to determine the extent of the damage.

Storm damage is the most common reason for Bradenton roof replacement. Storm damage can cause roof damage, regardless of how well they were before the storm.

This is especially dangerous for homes located in areas that are prone to hurricanes and tornadoes. High-speed winds can cause roof shingles to be ripped off completely or lifted and crack. This can lead to roof damage and emergency roof leak repair. Windstorms that are followed by rain and snow can quickly seep into your roofing system, causing water damage. The wind can also blow debris into your roof, puncturing the shingles.

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