Can You Put a New Roof Over an Old Roof?

Can You Put a New Roof Over an Old Roof

When you notice problems with your roof or when it is nearing the end of its life, it’s time to make some important decisions. Can you put a new roof over an old roof? You may be wondering about the available roofing options and which one would work best for you. In this case, calling […]

How Long Does a New Roof Last?

How Long Does a New Roof Last

How long does a roof last? People often wonder how long their roof will protect their home and what they can do to get the most out of this investment. Oftentimes, the type of roof can have the greatest impact on a roof’s life expectancy, but this is just one step in the decision-making process. […]

How Long Does a Roof Last in Florida?

How Long Does a Roof Last in Florida

If you’ve recently made the move to the sunny state of Florida to escape the biting cold and snowstorms typical of other parts of the U.S., you’ll find that the advantages are numerous. However, one crucial aspect to keep in mind is the lifespan of your roof in this region. The question “How long does […]

How to Get Insurance to Pay for Your Roof Replacement

How to get insurance to pay for roof replacement

How to get insurance to pay for roof replacement? Your homeowner’s insurance may cover roof replacement if it meets certain conditions; however, if it’s too old or has leaks they won’t pay. Are you struggling with convincing your insurance company of the need for a roof replacement? All-Star Roofing’s team of experts with over 60 […]

How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

How Much Does a New Roof Cost

How much does a new roof cost? Roofs typically last several decades before showing signs of age or damage due to wear and tear. If your roof is showing any age-related changes such as sagging, leaks, or signs of age then now might be the time to hire professional roofing services. When considering a roof […]

How to Measure a Roof for Shingles

How to Measure a Roof for Shingles

DIY enthusiasts planning roof repairs must understand how to accurately measure their roofs for shingles. Knowing how to measure a roof for shingles is crucial to ensure you obtain the right amount of materials for the job.  To determine the correct quantity of shingles, you can utilize either a roof square footage calculator or a […]

How Long Do Tile Roofs Last?

How Long Do Tile Roofs Last

How long do tile roofs last? Over the years, the popularity of tile roofs has steadily increased due to their aesthetic appeal and compatibility with various home styles. Tile roofs not only enhance the visual appeal of a house but also offer exceptional durability and strength, making them an excellent choice for roofing, particularly in […]

Roof Insulation: Types & Recommendations

Roof Insulation

Roof insulation is often overlooked by most people, but making a smart decision about the right insulation for your house can provide comfort and save money. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, homeowners can save approximately 15% on their annual utility bills by properly insulating their homes. When it comes to building a new home […]

Flat Roof Replacement Cost

Replacement Cost of Flat Roof

Flat roofs may appear to be completely level, but they are slightly pitched or angled at a low slope, typically around 10 degrees. Despite their name, flat roofs are gaining popularity among homeowners due to their affordability and durability. They offer a cost-effective and long-lasting roofing option. Additionally, installing flat roofs is a budget-friendly choice, […]

5 Things to Know About Roof Insurance Claim

Roof Insurance Claim

It can be stressful to discover roof damage following a storm, especially when it comes to dealing with your roof insurance claim. Your homeowners insurance may be causing you a great deal of concern and questions. Insurance can be confusing, and if you’ve never done it before, overwhelming. In one article, we can’t answer all […]