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Signs Your Commercial Roof Has Damage

Commercial roof damage can be costly. When water has a chance to leak into your roof and compromises your building, there needs to be an intervention for the situation before you end up facing serious problems with your business. With moisture present in a roofing structure, mildew, mold, and compromised roofing materials are likely not too far behind. In order to stop the damage, you need to make sure that you are speaking to a commercial roofing expert as soon as you see the problem begin. Here are some of the top signs that your commercial roof has water damage:

Interior Ceiling Damage

Damage to the ceiling interior is usually a sign that your roof has experienced some type of water damage. The issue here is that the roof has had a slow leak and there is a good chance that you will start to see discoloration around the roofing tiles or across the upper walls of your commercial building. You may also notice the signs of peeling paint, bowing along the walls as well as sagging along with the roofing structure.

Gaps And Missing Shingles

If you notice gaps along the seams of the roof or you have noticed the signs of missing shingles, this is often an indication that the shingles are losing their water protection. These gaps will serve as barriers for debris and for moisture and you will need to keep an eye on your shingles fairly often to spot the signs of these gaps or to look for areas of your roof that are exposed. If you see sections of the roof that are exposed, it can be best to contact a roofer ASAP so that you can get your roofing system repaired.

Mildew Or Mold

If you are noticing a damp smell or the smell of mold or mildew across your property, there is a good chance that the concern is in the roof. The smell of mildew is not something that you can remove without a professional’s help. The damage that it does to your roofing systems can also be detrimental to the roofing materials and it can start to break down the water protection that your roof has in place. 

Pooling Water

If you notice that your roof is experiencing ponding or pooling water, it is important to remove the puddles wherever possible and see if there are leaks in the roofing that match up with the other side of that same puddle. Water pools along a roof and it can lead to consistent problems in a roofing component when the area continues to pool up. 

Signs Of Aging

If you notice the look of your roofing materials aging, it could simply be time for replacements on your roofing components. Construction materials are only designed to last so long and it is important to consider the average lifespan of the components for your commercial roof when you get them installed. Having an idea of when you may need to replace these items can be crucial. 

Roofing Materials Chipping Away Or Falling

If you notice roofing materials on the ground such as blown out coatings, sealers, or your shingles, there is a good chance that you could be in need of replacement parts. Monitor your parking lot and the area surrounding your business for the signs of roofing materials especially after storms.

Higher Energy Costs

If your roof is heating up too much due to worn roof coatings or it doesn’t seal as well, it may be important to consider repairs. A repair or a new roof could be a great way to lower your energy costs for the business over time. 

Consider contacting us today if you are looking for the top signs that your commercial roof could be experiencing ongoing damage. 

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