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Commercial Roofing In Tampa: Signs That You Have Water Damage

Damaged commercial roofing in Tampa can lead to costly repairs if put off. Water damage to commercial roofs can be costly. Mold, mildew, and damaged roofing materials can all be caused by moisture in roofing structures. You need to contact a Tampa commercial roofing specialist as soon as the problem is apparent. These are the top signs your commercial roof may have suffered water damage.

Interior Ceiling Damage

The damage to your ceiling interior can indicate that your commercial roofing in Tampa has suffered water damage. This is because the roof may have suffered a slow leak. You will notice discoloration on the roofing tiles and along the upper walls of the commercial building. There may be peeling paint, wall bowing, and sagging in addition to the roof structure. This is a major sign you need commercial roof repair in Tampa.

Gaps And Missing Shingles

You may notice cracks in the roof seams or missing shingles. This is a sign that your shingles have lost their water protection. These gaps act as barriers against moisture and debris. You will need to inspect your roof regularly to see if there are any gaps. You should contact a roofing contractor immediately if you notice any exposed areas on your roof.

Mildew Or Mold

There is a good chance the problem is in your roof if you notice a damp or moldy smell all over your property. Mildew smells are not something you can do yourself. It can cause damage to your Tampa roofing systems and can even lead to the loss of water protection.

Commercial Roofing In Tampa: Signs That You Have Water Damage

Pools Of Water

You should remove any puddles from your roof that are causing ponding or water pooling. Also, check if the roofing has any leaks that could be causing the same problem. If water pools on a roof, it can cause problems with the roofing components.

Age-related Signs

Your roofing materials may be looking old and it might be time to replace them. The average life expectancy of commercial roofing components is only a guideline. It is important to know when these items may need replacing.

Roof Materials Are Falling Or Chipping Away

There is a chance you may need to replace roofing materials if you see any roofing materials lying on the ground, such as sealers or coatings that have blown off, or your shingles. Watch out for signs of roofing materials in your area and around your business, especially after storms.

Higher Energy Costs

It may be worth looking into roof repairs if your roof is heating too much because of worn roof coatings, or because it doesn’t seal well enough. Roof repairs or a commercial roof replacement in Tampa will help you lower your business’ energy costs.

These are some top tips to help you identify signs that your commercial roofing in Tampa could be suffering from ongoing damage. 

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