How Long Does Roof Shingles Last

How Long Do Roof Shingles Last?

How long do roof shingles last? Based on the type of shingles that you have as well as your climate and weather most types of shingles can last between 20 to 25 years. There are a series of other factors that can influence the roof shingles that you have and how long they’re going to last. Some of the main factors include the product line and the type of shingles as well as who installed your roof and if routine maintenance has been carried out on your roof. We want to take a closer look at some of the aspects that can affect the average lifespan of your shingles and your roof. By taking a look at some of the common causes of wear and tear on your shingles we can help you to identify some of the top signs it could be time for a brand-new roof.

Do You Have Architectural Shingles?

Architectural shingles have a tendency to last for 20 to 30 years because they are more durable and because they’re reinforced for longevity. These high-quality shingles often come with extended warranties to guarantee your roof protection over your lifetime. Other shingle types have similar life spans such as the composite or cedar shingle roof type. A standard three-tab asphalt shingle usually has a life span that averages between 10 to 20 years. If you live in an area that regularly experiences storms and extreme weather, your shingles can wear out much faster and this is where you’ll likely need to expect a replacement every 10-12 years. 

The Main Causes Of Wear And Tear

Heating And Cooling

Heating and cooling can be a huge aspect of wear and tear with roofing materials. Asphalt shingles have a tendency to expand and contract based on the hot and cold temperatures in your area. When they expand and contract this can often cause curling or cracking along the shingle. Overtime shingles will continue under these conditions. Sun exposure can also cause ongoing oxidation and fading in your shingles and this can make them look older as well as lose their protection.


Due to rain and moisture shingles often have a tendency to crack, rot and have their protective outer lining get washed away. If you live in areas that are particularly humid, moisture can work its way into the protective layers and cause cracks. If you live in areas where it gets cold regularly, the cycle of freezing can cause the asphalt to crack as well. Wind and rain can also be particularly dangerous to your shingle design as sudden gusts of wind could sometimes display or completely remove shingles. Storm damage such as hail or fallen tree branches can also break off shingles and cause weak points in your roof. 

Age And Wear

All roofing materials are only designed to last for a set period of time. If your roof is approaching 20 years and you haven’t been doing regular maintenance it’s very likely that your roofing materials require replacement or at least a professional inspection from a qualified roofing contractor. 

The Options For Repair

If you’ve noticed that your roof is showing signs of wear and tear and you could use some repairs, it’s important to consider that a complete roofing replacement may not be the answer that’s necessary for your home. Here are some other options that you could choose:

Repairs To Sections Of The Roof

If you have a shingle or tile roof it’s possible that just a section of the roof may require repair. If damage to your roof shingles only occurs in a small portion of your roof, a roofing contractor may be able to fix the affected area without having to replace the entire roof. Patching the one small area can often be all that’s required if your roofing materials are still relatively new. 

Complete Replacement

The replacement of your roof is often recommended if the damage to your roof covers more than 25% of the surface. If there is an extreme level of damage that’s causing your roof to leak or sag then it’s definitely a good time for you to start seeking a new one. You’ll need to replace your roof before the weather or water starts to affect your home and its structure. If your roof is getting old and faded, patched shingles will also stick out and it is much more advantageous for you to perform a complete replacement especially if you’re going to need it in a few years anyway. 

If you think that it’s time for roofing repairs contact us today. 

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