How to Clean Roof Shingles

Seeing a dirty black roof when you pull into your driveway isn’t pleasant. But there’s more to it than you might think. You might expect that with all the progress in roofing, your roof would stay in perfect shape. Just like anything else, looking after your roof will make it last longer and work better. In this blog, we’ve got you covered with some valuable tips on how to clean roof shingles in your Florida home.

How Should a Roof Be Cleaned?

First, let’s clarify what we’re discussing: those black streaks are actually colonies of blue-green algae, and the green patches are moss. When the wind or animals carry spores from moss or algae, they can spread to other roofs. This is why you’ll often find moss and algae on the roofs of many houses in a neighborhood. These spores can easily spread and thrive in places with a lot of moisture. Moss and algae don’t do well in dry conditions.

What Are the Effects of Algae and Moss on Your Home?

To put it simply, moss and algae are different. Moss can make your asphalt shingles curl and even come off, which may cause leaks in your home. On the other hand, algae doesn’t really harm your roof’s function, but it can make your home look less appealing and potentially lower its value.



Now that you know the best ways to clean a roof, make sure to follow these guidelines carefully. These tips are meant for cleaning asphalt shingles, and it’s important to remember that results may take time, especially if you have a lot of moss or algae. The solution might not remove the growth immediately, so you may need to apply it again.

If you have a different type of roof, it’s a good idea to ask your roof manufacturer for specific cleaning instructions. Regardless of the type of shingles you have, this will help prevent any damage.

If you find that cleaning your roof has no effect, consider reaching out to the roofing experts at All Star Roofing. They offer a free roof inspection and will discuss the best options for your home with you.

How to Clean Roof Shingles

Protect Your Plants

Before cleaning your roof, make sure to protect your plants. Soak them with water to saturate their cells. This stops them from absorbing the cleaning chemicals. Later, you’ll need to rinse them again to keep them safe.

Prepare Your Roof Cleaning Solution

Mix your roof cleaning chemicals in a garden sprayer. For most asphalt shingle roofs, a 50/50 mixture should work well. This ensures the chemicals are strong enough to get the job done.

Start at the Top

Begin the cleaning process from the top of the roof. Apply a thin, even layer of the cleaning solution from the top and work your way down. To make the chemical stick longer, some people add a quarter cup of green dish soap (not laundry detergent) to the mix. This keeps the chemical wetter for a more extended period, allowing it to work on the algae you want to get rid of.

Use Chemicals Wisely

Don’t let the chemicals pour down your roof like a waterfall. A garden sprayer might not provide enough spray volume, so be mindful of that.

Dealing with Tough Spots

If the algae doesn’t disappear or turn white within five minutes, especially in problematic areas, you might need to repeat the process. Some types of moss can be tough, so you have two options. Keep spraying with more chemicals until it turns white or use a stronger chemical mix.

Protect Your Plants Again

Re-soak any plants that might have been misted or coated with the chemical mix you applied. This step is crucial to ensure your plants survive the roof cleaning treatment, especially if chemicals have come into contact with them in the past.

Let the Chemicals Work

After applying the chemical, there’s nothing more to do. Leave it to do its job. It will take some time to work its magic. If you’re unsure about whether you need to reapply the chemicals in a couple of weeks, you can bookmark this page for reference.

This simple guide will help you clean your roof shingles effectively while protecting your plants and ensuring a safe and efficient cleaning process.

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