Cleaning Roof Tiles

How to Clean Roof Tiles

Your roof tiles can become soiled with dirt, moss, and algae over time. It is essential to maintain the structural integrity of your roof and protect your belongings from any weather conditions. There are many ways to clean roof tiles. But which ones are the best?

We, at All Star Roofing, are here to help you and offer advice. Here’s a quick guide to why roof tiles needs cleaning; how to clean them, and how to avoid moss, dirt, and lichen buildup.

Why Clean Roof Tiles?

Roof moss, dirt, and algae can build up on roof tiles if not removed. First, moss is a good insulator of moisture. This can add weight to roof tiles and cause them to be under stress. It can also allow moisture into the roof space. Roof tiles don’t dry in the sun because the moss and dirt act as a barrier keeping them moist. This can cause moisture to seep into the roof. Moss and dirt can also cause long-term damage to roof structures, including timber rafters.

Structural Bonds Are at Risk of Getting Damage

Moss thrives on cement. This means it can often grow on the bond between roof tiles, ridge tiles, and apex tiles. These places can cause serious damage by agitating or breaking the bonds that are crucial to the roof’s structure.


Overheating attic or roof space can be caused by dirt, algae, and moss buildups on roof tiles. These cover the roof tiles and prevent heat from exiting the building. An overheating attic can not only make it difficult to live or work, but can also lead to high energy bills for air conditioning and ventilation.

Blocked Gutters

Blockages in your roofline drainage can also be caused by dirt, moss, and algae on your roof tiles. The guttering that runs along the roof can become blocked by moss or other materials. 

How to Clean Roof Tiles

It is not recommended to use a pressure washer. High-powered pressure washers can cause more damage than good. The strength of the water stream could remove the roof tile’s finish. Roof tiles will not last for a longer time if the finish is removed prematurely. This is because it is usually granular.

Many tile manufacturers don’t recommend pressure washing their products. Using such a method for cleaning roof tiles could cause damage to any warranty.

The simplest and most manual way to clean roof tiles is by scraping off dirt, moss, and algae manually. Use a trowel or other tool to remove dirt and moss from the tiles. Because moss and other materials won’t stick to tiles with moisture, it is best to keep them dry. You can also use a stiff brush or a sponge to remove dirt from your roof tiles. Both methods are quick and easy to do. Hire a professional roofing company for the best results!

Using Chemicals

To clean roof tiles with algae and moss growth, a variety of chemical solutions have been created. To kill any vegetation on roof tiles, you can spray moss killers, anti-moss treatments, and fungicides.

How to Prevent Build-up of Dirt and Moss on Roof Tiles

After roof tiles are cleaned, we recommend a variety of preventative measures to keep your roof safe, structurally sound, and clean.

Roof Tiles Should Be Regularly Cleaned

First, you need to clean your roof tiles regularly. This includes removing dirt, moss and algae. Regular cleaning will keep dirt and moss from building up. Moisture will flow freely through the roof space and will not pose a threat to its structural integrity. The roof will also look more appealing.

Maintain the Roof by Inspecting, Fixing, and Maintaining It

Make sure your roof is maintained and regularly inspected. Any damaged tiles or broken sections should be replaced or repaired as soon as possible. This will ensure that your roof tiles are clean and free from dirt and moss.

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Cleaning tile roofs is a daunting task, no matter how experienced you are. If you don’t feel like doing it yourself, you can hire roofing professionals to do it for you.

All Star Roofing will help you with any of your roofing needs including installation or repair. Contact us today!

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