Hurricane Proof Roof

How to Make a Hurricane Proof Roof

You want to build a roof, but hurricanes are what you’re worried about. What’s the solution? Let’s go through the methods for creating a hurricane proof roof! You can do it — just follow our instructions and you’ll be ready for the big one! 

How to Secure Your Roof Before a Hurricane

You can protect your roof now before the next round of hurricanes arrives. This article will show you how you can make a hurricane proof roof that is able to withstand the winds of a category 5 hurricane and protect your Florida home.

Use Loose Shingles to Nail Down

Even though they are all made the same way and placed on the same roofs, each shingle has a different life. This can make it hold steady or blow off like confetti at children’s birthday parties. It is important to ensure that your shingles are properly secured and that there are no weak shingles left in place during a storm. Shingles should be replaced with new shingles if they are loose or not securely fastened.

Roofing Cement on Shingles

A line of roofing cement should be applied around the edges to secure shingles that are still in good condition and don’t require a new nail. To ensure a strong grip on any shingle marks, you should cover most of your roof with roofing cement.

Construction Adhesive on Trusses and Rafters

You’ll also want to strengthen your rafters or trusses in order to ensure they remain on the roof when wind gusts and branches fly high. You can apply a little construction adhesive to the trusses and rafters where they connect with the roof deck. This will ensure that everything stays together even when the house is under stress.

Reinforce Your Flashing

Flashing is what keeps rain out. In a hurricane, it is essential that your flashing is in perfect condition and effective. Flashing is visible as a metal sheathing that intersects with weatherproofing on the roof. Professionals can repair, strengthen, seal, or replace flashing that is damaged or missing. This will keep you dry and safe during a hurricane.

Hurricane Clips or Tie-Downs

These strategically twisted sheets of metal are attached to the roof beams and tops of walls. This ensures that your roof cannot be lifted by the overhang and can be flipped off your home like a canister full of mini M&Ms.

How Hurricanes Impact Roofing

Some roofs are able to withstand major hurricanes without damage, but others suffer extensive damage. Some roof trusses can even cause the house to collapse. The construction of the building is a major factor in the roof’s performance during hurricanes. These are the main factors that will determine if your roof will be blown off your house in a hurricane:

Although most roof preparation tasks can be done at home, it is not enough to just fix a few loose roof shingles. Hiring a professional roofing team is highly recommended to inspect your roof and make recommendations on how to strengthen it for the next hurricane season. 

Get a Professional to Inspect Your Roof Before a Hurricane

A professional roof inspection is always a great idea. It will give you an overview of where your roof stands and how much it needs to be repaired or replaced. This can save you money in the long run, and help avoid loss during a hurricane.

The All Star Roofing team is an expert in residential and commercial Tampa roof repair and maintenance. We can help you with damage from weather, and do new roof installation as well. Don’t let another storm season leave you devastated; call All Star Roofing today and make sure that your roof is hurricane proof!

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