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Living in Florida, your home’s roofing is subjected to a lot. With thunderstorms, hurricanes, and the constant spray of salt air, your home and your roof can take a serious beating year in and year out. Fortunately, your Florida roof is built for this, and can withstand these yearly challenges. Overtime, these yearly challenges lead to a buildup of wear and tear, and you may be in need of a roofing installation professional. Whether you are looking to replace your withered and damaged existing roof or are looking to increase the value of your home with a new style, our team of professionals will make sure the job is done right. 

Before contacting a professional, there are a number of ways you can tell if you are in need of a new roof install. Before getting a professional opinion, make sure you check the interior and exterior of your roof to assess its integrity. In many cases, you may be able to repair sections of your roof, and avoid a full replacement. 

Things you Should be Looking for on the Inside:

Look for any natural light coming through anywhere on your ceiling. This could be caused by cracks or holes that are exposing the interior of your home to the elements. These cracks or holes could lead to water damage in the future, or may have already! If you are suspecting water has already breached through your roof, look for dark strains or streaks on the interior of your roof. If you detect any of these areas, inspect it closely, and look for any sagging. If that area of your roof feels soft, it is a sign of water damage

Things you Should be Looking for on the Outside:

Like the inside, you are looking for signs of water damage, or areas that are susceptible to water damage from the outside. You will notice the same dark stains and signs of rot from the outside as you would from inside of your home, sometimes even including moss or algae growing on your leaking roof in the humid Tampa Bay air. You may also notice visible damage to your roof’s shingles, tiles, or membrane. If this is the case, it may be time to look at installing new roofing. 

Of course, the professionals at AllStar Roofing and repair can help provide you with an expert opinion if you are ever unsure. 

Roofing Installation in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}} can Help you Raise Your Home’s Value

Even if there is nothing wrong with your roof, a tattered and old looking roof can be an eyesore. Installing a new roof can do wonders for improving your home’s curb appeal and value. Your roof sets the tone for your home’s entire aesthetic, it covers the whole thing after all! Your guests will be wowed when the first step of your home remodel is a new roofing install, and potential buyers will feel safer knowing that your roof is new and they won’t need to worry about leaks down the line. 

Roofing Installation Services in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}} with AllStar Roofing

Our team of professional Tampa Bay roofers will start by fully evaluating your roof from the inside, out. In addition to inspecting the interior and exterior of your roof, we will closely evaluate your roof’s sheathing and internal structure. After ensuring your home’s safety, we will perform a full roofing installation complete with measures to protect your new roof from leaking. 

If you are looking to improve our home or you are noticing damages and suspect you are in need of a roofing replacement, contact the professionals at All Star Roofing. You can count on our team of roofing professionals to treat your home as if it were our own home. We will walk you through the steps of your Roofing Installation in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}}, and help you to determine the best course of action given your roof’s age and condition taking into account your personal style and vision. Contact us today for a free estimate and get started with your Roofing Installation in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}} today. 

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