Licensed Roofing Contractor

Make Sure To Hire A Licensed Roofing Contractor

You might be wondering if it is necessary to hire a licensed roofing contractor if you want to install a roof or repair your existing roof.

You might have a friend who can do it for you. Or you may know of an unlicensed business that will do the same job for a fraction of the cost. Are there good reasons to choose a licensed roofing contractor? There are many reasons why a licensed roofing contractor in Pinellas is the right choice. Each one should convince you to hire a professional.

Why Should You Hire A Licensed Roofing Contractor?

  1. It’s the Law: The most compelling reason to hire a licensed professional in Florida is that anyone who repairs or installs a roof for someone else must be licensed. Florida roofing licenses can only be obtained by applicants who have passed the state exam with at least four years experience. This may include a degree in construction or a combination of accredited college classes and real-world experience. This ensures that the person you hire is educated in this field. It is too crucial to trust your roof to anyone else. Check the Florida Department of Professional and Business Regulation website to find out if your company is licensed as a roofing contractor.

  1. Insurance: A fully licensed roofer in Florida must have the right insurance coverage. This covers both workman’s comp insurance and home and property insurance. Sarasota homeowners should be aware of this as it is vital that they do not fear being held responsible for any mistakes made by the roofer or being sued by the worker because they did not have insurance. Unlicensed contractors might be able to offer lower prices because they don’t have to pay insurance. However, this is not a good idea for homeowners in Sarasota. You should check the dates to make sure nothing has expired or is set to expire while you are working.

  1.  A Guarantee: Unfortunately, homeowners have been flooded with horror stories about hiring unlicensed contractors, paying them money, but their roof never got installed, and the contractor vanished. A licensed roofing contractor will not only guarantee that they offer a contract obligation but also that their license shows that they are registered and active in the local area. You can also be certain that a licensed contractor has the required experience and education. You don’t know if an unlicensed company can do the job professionally and competently.

After you’ve found a licensed roofing contractor that is trustworthy, make sure to ask for references. Professional roofing companies will give you all the assurances that you require to be satisfied with their service. All Star Roof Repair is proud of our stellar reputation in the Sarasota region, built on years of exceptional workmanship. 

Choose All Star Roof Repair

If you have seen these signs and you are unsure which company to choose for roof installation? The answer is easy; All-Star Roofing! All-Star Roofing is a family-owned roofing business and one of the most professional companies for roofing in Tampa Bay.

We take pride and make sure that your roof has the best roofing possible. All-Star Roofing has been helping people with roof replacement in the Tampa Bay area and has been restoring their roofs for 60 years. To have a roof that lasts for many years, you need to use the highest quality materials and skilled labor. A professional licensed roofing contractor will be there to assist you from the very beginning in the repair or restoration process. We are happy to assist you, from the initial inspection through to satisfying the basic requirements, and then on to a free estimate for the entire project. We are available to help you with your roofing needs. Our goal is to provide fast, reliable, and affordable services. Contact us now, and we will send over a roofing expert to help you get your roofs done!

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