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Whenever you encounter problems with your roof, you have to check on your roofing contractor first. You have worked hard to put a roof over your head literally. That’s why whenever you have some problems with this matter, you have to get the best roofing Tampa FL has to offer.

There are reasons why you are encountering some roof leakages. No two problems are the same. You can look upon the internet on how you could fix this on your own, but there could also be a problem on your part. Of course, you should not do this on your own. Some time or another, you will encounter minor and major bumps along the way.

But before that time happens, here are the possible causes on why you should hire a specialized roofing restoration company to get the job done for you.

What Damage Can a Leaking Roof Cause?

A leaking roof would pose a major problem for you. You should not treat this case as something that you can easily fix with a sealant or a duct tape. By doing these temporary solutions to your problems, you might just be doing any damage than good. Here are some severe damages that can be brought about by your leaking roof.

  • It will damage your attic and ceiling

One of the most cautious parts of your home, when there’s a leaking roof, in the attic and ceiling. These parts of the house are the first entry points of the water that may come from your roof. As you know, attics are supposed to be a room still. Sometimes, attics are even used as a loft type bedroom. Usually, this would also be a storage room.

If there’s a roof leaking, then the things that you have kept in your attic would instantly be drenched in water. Trying to postpone calling roofing companies to fix your problems would make the situation even worse.

  • It can cause mold growth and mildew issues

Even it’s just a minimal leak in your roof water could still run through it from time to time. This wouldn’t instantly give you problems when it comes to the dry state of your things. However, it could cause the growth of mold in your ceiling.

Molds are one of the toughest issues that you may have in your home. These species thrive in cold and high-moisture places. This only means that the perfect place for them to live and breed in areas where the water from your leaky roof that has a runoff. Don’t expect that they would just stay in one place. The molds, when left untreated and undiscovered, could spread throughout the areas of your home. These would then become a major problem for you, especially if the molds have already spread to your HVAC systems. Molds could also invade the vents and eventually go to your furniture.

There are many kinds of molds. The black mold is the most common type that could come from a leaky roof. Another variant of a black mold that is considered to be toxic can attack your home’s wood framing, ceiling tiles, and wall coverings. Not only that, molds are very hard to deal with, but they are also very expensive to get rid of!

  • Health concerns from the mold

Mold couldn’t only destroy your furniture and the structures of your home. It also poses a health hazard for everyone living in the infested area. The presence of mold and mildew could lead to serious health issues such as rhinitis, inflammations, asthma, and nasal congestion.

  • It could develop fire hazards

It is given that for any household, there will always be a possible risk of getting caught on fire. However, with a leaky roof, the chances of encountering fire would be far even greater. This is because the leaking water could affect several electrical devices. The situation is even worse when the electrical wiring is the one directly affected. Before calling in a roofing contractor to have your leaking roof fixed, you must first ensure that the electricity in the affected area is turned off.

  • It could be a source of slip and fall hazards

When the water from your leaking roof has already reached the floors of your home, then this could be a slip and fall hazards. Leaking water could cause puddles. You can’t expect that these puddles be wiped every time it’s present. There will come a time that a member of your family may come across it and slip because of it.

  • Compromised structural integrity

The foundation of your home will be the one that’s going to be most affected for any leaking roof. Instead of just fixing the roof, you will have to deal with the reconstruction and repair of your home’s walls, ceilings, and floor as well. This would instantly merit a large number of repair costs. If the roof leaks are so severe that it could not just be repaired, your roofing contractor could advise you to change your roof completely.

Can a Leaking Roof Causing Mold?

Yes, a leaking roof can definitely cause mold. The thing with this species is that it thrives in cold places. That makes the walls and ceilings that are affected by the roof leaking would be the perfect breeding grounds for molds. This is one of the reasons why a leaking roof would be the number one cause of molds. You know that the consequence of molds would immediately warrant a lot of things.

Call in a Roofing Contractor Near Your Area

There is a lot of roofing restoration Tampa FL has to offer you. But you shouldn’t just hire anyone to get the job done. Of course, you will still be spending some amount of money. Hence, it’s only logical that you will want someone that could justify the cost and hassle of getting your roof repaired. Before settling with a roofing contractor, try to check first the best-reviewed roof repair service companies in your area. Again, it’s important that you should entrust the work to the professionals. Trying to solve the problem, your own could only make the situation worse than it already is.