Roof Repair in Hillsborough

There are many companies that claim to be the best roof repair in Hillsborough County. However, you need to be careful with the quality of their work. You must be able to find a professional roofing contractor who will deal with your expectations, no matter how high they may be. 

All Star Roofing is the right choice for Roof Repair in Hillsborough County.

Communication: Our team has the expertise to help you understand what you need and why it is important. We are your top choice for roofing contractors.

Dependability: We promise to keep our promises.

Integrity: Our prices are fair and reflect the roof installation standards we would use for our home. Although we aren’t the most expensive, we take pride in giving your roof the protection it deserves.

Professionalism: All Star Roofing ensures that you have all the protections in place, including adequate insurance and compliance with codes.

Metal Roofing Hillsborough

All Star Roofing specializes in metal roofing. Our expertise includes copper, zinc, and slate as well as historical roofing materials. Our experience includes a variety of commercial and institutional projects such as churches, historical buildings, educational institutions, apartment buildings, residential projects, and high-end residential ones.

Hillsborough County Roof Repair

Florida’s weather is unpredictable. All Star Roofing can help you with repairs. Our Tampa FL roofing experts provide comprehensive services that will ensure a high-quality job. To assess any damage to your roof, you will be given a comprehensive roof inspection. We will match exact colors to ensure a uniform appearance, whether you are looking for replacement tiles or shingle repairs. Flat and tar roofing can also be repaired. We can provide a written estimate so you are clear on what to expect.

Why Choose All Star Roofing?

All Star Roofing takes pride in treating every customer in Hillsborough. If you live in the Tampa area, and you choose to hire us for a new roof installation, we promise you won’t be disappointed. Our team of experts has the skills and experience to install any type of roof professionally while maintaining your home’s integrity and aesthetics. For a roof inspection, call us today.



We are prepared to assist you at all hours of the day in the event of an emergency. Be mindful before calling a contractor for something that you may believe needs immediate repair, though, and do a quick evaluation: Does the job appear to be something that can wait longer than a few days? Or would you be lucky if the roof doesn’t collapse? These things factor in to your budget, so it’s important you’re aware of how much time you have and how hazardous the situation is.

Roof Repair in Hillsborough


When you are ready to seek an expert opinion on your roof repair or replacement, remember that we offer comprehensive services from the initial inspection to the labor-intensive aspect of the job. Contact us when you’re ready; we’ve got you covered!