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eTravel anywhere up and down the 1350 miles of Florida coastline – not just the Tampa, FL area – and it’ll be near impossible to find a cluster of residences that are roofed with something other than tile. That’s because tile roofing is a tried and true material that has been used as far back as Neolithic China (circa 10,000 BC). In general, it’s not farfetched to expect a tile roof to outlast the building it’s installed on. In fact, many ancient structures that are built with tile roofing are still relatively intact to this day.

At All-Star Roofing and Repair, there are two different types of tile roofing we specialize in: clay and concrete. Both are versatile, and can withstand both the outside elements and the structures they’re installed upon if built and maintained appropriately. The weight of these materials are usually of no concern considering the mandates of modern building and engineering codes; however, a professional roofing contractor or structural engineer could easily determine if additional reinforcement is necessary to counterbalance the weight of your clay or concrete roof.

We get more in depth about this type of roofing below by addressing their appearance, their efficiency and their cost effectiveness.


Style, color, finish… whatever your desire, it’s highly likely that a clay or cement roof can deliver. The aesthetics alone are certainly unmatched by more economical choices, so while there are more affordable options on the market, it’s no question that a tile roof is an investment that can add value to any home.

Clay Tile Roofing

Most people can recognize a clay tile roof because the common characteristics of such roofing is orange-brown colored, wave-shaped tile. However, clay roofing doesn’t get nearly enough recognition for its versatility.

Clay roof tiles can be custom made to suit your taste in color and texture. It’s possible to create different and consistent color combinations by blending dyes or minerals with the clay itself. Clay can be molded to many shapes, including but certainly not limited to: Spanish, French, mission, barrel, flat, scalloped, or interlocking tiles; wood shake; slate; and shingles.

Clay is highly regarded as one of the best types of roofing material because of its beauty, durability, value and longevity. It’s been around for thousands of years as a result of that, and is a top contender when it comes to outperforming almost all other roofing systems. If your choice is between clay and concrete tiles, although they are similar in many ways, it’s very likely that clay tile roofing will outlast concrete tile roofing.

Concrete Tile Roofing

There are a number of similarities between concrete and clay tile roofing, but concrete tile hasn’t been around for as long as clay; it’s a product that was developed a couple hundred years ago. It’s undeniably one of the most affordable, long-term roofing systems out on the market today, and is just as durable and aesthetically pleasing as clay.

Just like clay roofing tiles, concrete can be custom-colored and molded. It’s developed by mixing portland cement, sand and water and then placing it into a mold to acquire the shape and thickness that is desired. Color could be added throughout the process, or as a coating.

Modern manufacturing advances have earned concrete tile increased recognition as the best overall value in roofing. It is possible to produce concrete tile at a lighter weight, and maintain its durability, aesthetic, efficiency and low maintenance needs. There’s no doubt that this type of tile is a worthy investment and addition to your home when installed correctly.

Environment and Efficiency

While perhaps not the most economical of choices upfront, tile roofing has always been in the running for one of the best types of roofing materials you can have installed on your home, and with good reason. There are certain qualities of clay and concrete tile roofs that are unmatched by other types of roofing materials. Consider the following:


Both types of tile roofing are energy efficient: When you factor in their capacity to retain heat and the ventilation construct created by their placement, tile roofs can actually lower the costs of air conditioning in warmer climates, like the Tampa, FL area, and it can regulate the temperature of a space in colder climates more effectively, which reduces the potential for ice accumulation.

Moreover, the fact that these tiles are created from naturally occurring materials means that precious natural resources aren’t being depleted for their manufacture. On top of that, they aren’t created with chemical preservatives, and it’s worthwhile to mention that old tiles are able to be recycled in order to fashion new tiles or other products.

Weather Endurance

The most severe weather conditions could meet their match in a properly installed clay or concrete tiled roof. During hurricane season, your average rainfall can all of a sudden pound horizontally on your home, which could surely pose a problem if your roofing material isn’t a force to be reckoned with. However, clay and concrete tile are commonly used on homes around coastlines for this reason: They don’t deteriorate from salt spray – which is prevalent in the air around the ocean – and they can hold their own in 100+ MPH winds.

Tile roofing is known to withstand and hold their own in areas where hail is a probable occurrence, as well. They perform well in the severest of weather conditions, whether we’re talking about heat, wind or snow, so their versatility as far as climates and regions are concerned are unquestionable.


The ability of a clay or concrete tiled roof to perform under the severest of conditions is a parallel testament to their resistance to different types of damage. Unlike other kinds of material, clay and concrete tiles aren’t susceptible to rot on the wettest days, or possible destruction by various insects and pests.

In addition, these tiles are non-combustible, so fire is virtually a non-issue. As a result of these factors, it is entirely reasonable and common for warranties for these materials to meet or exceed 30-50 years. It’s also common for them to be eligible for the lowest fire insurance rates, as they offer the highest possible fire resistant rating, which is Class A.


A properly installed tile roof doesn’t necessitate a lot of upkeep; it’s a low maintenance type of roof that should perform perfectly well with minimal, albeit regular, routine checks. These materials are very strong and can resist potential damage from elements like fire, wind, hail and drastic changes in temperature unflinchingly.

For all the reasons we’ve stated already, warranties on clay or concrete roofs could start at 50 years, and it is not at all uncommon for a roof of this nature to last between 50-100 years. In Asia and Europe, not only have roof tiles been the primary roofing product they’ve used for hundreds of years, but many structures with these roofs have remained in tact, functioning and beautiful for centuries.

Cost Effectiveness

Given the amazing aesthetics of these materials, their durability, and their longevity, it’s easy to see why tile roofing is more of an investment in the long run than an economical choice in the beginning. Consider, however, that while a clay or concrete roof may cost more than something as common as asphalt shingles, their lifecycle is also twice that of more financially feasible roofing materials. The warranties that are available due to the confidence of the quality of these materials are also in a high range – usually beginning at 30 years of coverage. In those respects, things work out to be pretty even.

Additional Benefits To Tile Roofing

Tile roofing will facilitate cut back energy prices. thanks to the gap beneath the tiles, they’ll facilitate blocking the sun’s heat from transferring into the attic, thereby reducing your reliance on your air-con, lowering your cooling prices considerably. Tile roofing is also weather-resistant. Clay and concrete tiles are glorious their sturdiness and talent to resist high winds, hail, and even hearth. This makes tile roofing notably effective throughout tough seasons.

In addition, tile roofs need stripped maintenance. Thanks to however sturdy and resistant tiles are, little maintenance is needed. Tile roofs are available in many various choices as well. Clay and concrete tiles are available in many various designs and colours, making certain that you simply will select one thing to enrich the planning of your home.

Tile roofing is overall very pest-resistant. Not like different roofs varieties, tile roofs are run-resistant to insect harm. Tile roofs are environmentally friendly. Tiles are usually created out of clay or concrete, that is created from earth minerals. They are available from a property resource and once they’re removed, they’ll be crushed and recycled – typically creating a base for roads. Tile roofs last a protracted time. A fresh roof can last a period of time. In fact, it isn’t unprecedented for tile roofs to last upwards of fifty years.

Why Use All Star Roofing For Tile Roofing?

When it involves selecting the proper roofing company for tile roofing in the Sunshine State, especially around Tampa FL, the selection is robust. Not solely is that the competition within the Tampa area alone is fierce, however the roof is an extremely important and integral part of your home; it merely won’t do justice to simply hand the task over to just anyone.

We extremely suggest that you just do your due diligence and come to us for tile roofing. We have a tendency to believe that once you’re finished your analysis, you’ll notice that we have a tendency to possibly being the right candidate for no matter project it’s that you’d prefer to undertake, or that your home necessitates.

Our team is a family closely-held and operated roofing business, and that we try to be the simplest in our field. Our family has been operational within the Tampa Bay space for over fifty years, and our objective has continually been to produce roofing services at a quick, reliable and competitive rate. This can be a part of our mission to deliver 100 percent client satisfaction. We’ve pride in each project we have a tendency to tackle, as a result of we’re tuned in to what it takes to make sure your roof’s longevity and we’re positive in our ability to deliver.

Overall, tiles can withstand a lot more in regards to strain and other factors than other roofing materials. Simply comparing the costs vs. the lifecycle of a tile roof clearly indicates that this kind of roofing is one of the best deals in the market today. Contact us now.

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