Shingle Roof Repair

Is it time for a new roof or do you need a shingle roof repair? Not all roofs last forever, especially if they encounter storms and heavy winds. Be sure to examine your roof regularly to keep your home safe and dry. 

At All-Star Roofing & Repair, we offer tons of services for your roof. Our family has been proudly serving the Tampa Bay area for over 60 years! We’d love to assist you in all your roofing needs. Contact us today and get a FREE estimate.

Are Your Shingles Looking Different?

If you need your roof replaced, your roof:

  • Is terribly damaged beyond repair, such as if a tree has collapsed on the roof.
  • Is about 20 years old, which is the normal lifespan of a roof.
  • Has shingles that are terribly cracked, cupped, or curling.
  • Is appearing old and worn.
  • Is growing moss.
  • Has leaks.

If you need a shingle roof repair, your roof has:

  • Shingles that are curled, cracked, or gone.
  • Shingles that are discolored.
  • Shingles that are dirty, wet, or dark.
  • Wear around particular roof objects, such as around chimneys, vents, pipes, or other objects.
  • Peeling of exterior paint.
  • Leaks.

Where Do You Examine Your Roof?

If you’ve recently had a storm or heavy winds, it’s best to inspect your roof for damage. You should check the interior AND exterior of your house for examination, and call your professional roofing contractor for a deeper inspection. 

If your roof is having any large issues, it’s typically a sign for a roof replacement. However, it may be a simple fix, in which case you may just need shingle roof repair. Ask a professional which is the better option for your roof.

Where You Should Check Your Roof:

        1. Check the interior

If you can detect any source of natural lighting getting through possible cracks or holes in your roofing, that means water could get through. If you spot this, your roof may immediately need to be repaired or replaced.

If you see any dark stains or streaks on the underside, that’s a possible leakage. This definitely means you should call your professional repair company.

Sometimes your roof can sag. It might not be easily detected, but if you investigate with your hand or broom and feel soft or bendable spots, your roof could be sagging. If you see this, contact your roofing company. You may be having leak damages.

        2. Check the exterior

Similarly to the inside of your home, check the outside to see if your roof has any dark stains, streaks, leaks, or water damage.

If you see any rot or suggestions of decay it may be time for repairs or a new roof.

Decaying or cracking are common characteristics of damaged shingle roofs. If you see any of this, it’s best to call a roofing contractor so they can make any needed repairs.

If your roof valley is damaged, your roof exceeds 20 years, or the workmanship of your roof appears shoddy, call a professional! They’ll know how to handle your roof and make any needed repairs.

After you’ve given your home your own inspection, allow a professional to take it from there! At All-Star Roofing & Repair, we can give you a free estimate! We offer you top-notch services and are passionate about tending to your roof. Our licensed and insured company will be happy to assist you and your needs today! Contact us at 813-672-4743.

If You See Any Roof Damage, Write It Down!

It’s important to take note of the inside and outside of your home before contacting a roofer. The more information that you have, the more information we have to help you! Once you’ve done your research, call a roofing inspector so that they can give their professional opinion and advice. The inspector may validate any damage you’ve seen as well as indicate any damage that you may have missed. Roof inspections are typically done free.

If you ignore roofing damage, the issue can get progressively worse. Give your professional roofing company a call when you suspect something amiss.

If you’re not sure whether your roof needs a replacement or shingle roof repair, give a professional a call. We’ll be happy to answer any questions, give your roof an inspection, schedule you a free estimate, or talk to you about roofing!

Who Do I Contact?

At All-Star Roofing & Repair, we can give you many roofing installation and repair services. If you’re looking for shingle roof repair, emergency roof repair, roof installation, or more, we’re there for you! 

Don’t hand your roofing job over to just anyone. Give it to experts like us, who’ve been operating in the Tampa Bay area for over 60 years. We believe that your roof is an integral part of your home and work hard to provide you with the comfort of a successful roof. Our objective has always been to provide fast and reliable services to our customers. 

We provide great, competitive, rates. Get a FREE estimate and we’ll let you know what to expect for your roof price.

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