Flat Roof Repair

Signs You May Need Flat Roof Repair

A flat roof requires maintenance and repairs just like any other roofing style. Unique situations with flat roofs can often occur because a flat roof can often store other home essential items like the HVAC system, plumbing components, and more. Regular care and maintenance for your roof are crucial to keeping your home safe. Here are some of the signs of flat roof repair.


Discovering a leak with a flat roof can be much easier compared to other roofing designs. It’s often easier to see where water has begun pooling along the area and where the leaks start to occur based on the quality of the roofing materials. Flat roofing designs will also show the leaks on the other side and you can more easily pick up the point on the top of the roof that matches up with any wet spots on the interior of your home. 

Frame Issues

Water also has a tendency to attack the wooden frames that make up your flat roof. Wooden frames will rot over time and this can often lead to the need to install new framing or potentially a new structure for your roof. Having a professional diagnose these areas can be crucial to maintaining the quality of your roof and making sure that your flat roofing structure remains safe. 

Cuts Or Holes

Rubber or EPDM can sometimes have holes that occur in the coating or sealing as a result of impacts or even vandalism. Sealing up these areas can be crucial as they will lead to weak points for leaks or for damage to your roof

Shrinking At the edges

You might start to notice your roofing materials shrinking along the edges as well. This is often a sign of the roofing materials expanding and contracting over time. This problem can often require repair or replacement as you will be left with open areas of your roof along the edges of roofing materials.


Splitting and cracking on your roofing materials is a sure sign of wear and tear. When your roofing materials start to crack and tear they can leave themselves exposed to water and they can open up the chance for problems with structural damage and other problems within your home. Cracking can be very prevalent with a concrete-style flat roof as this can often expand and contract with cooler and warmer weather. Making sure that you are regularly inspecting the roof for cracks can be very important to maintaining your property.

Chipping or Wrinkles

Chipping or wrinkles along your roofing material is much more prevalent with your roofing coatings and when you are using modified bitumen-style roofing materials. If you notice the signs of your roofing systems starting to wrinkle, it can often lead to the chance that you could be facing repairs or a weakened seal on your roof. 

Diagnosing roof repairs is usually best done with the help of a qualified roofing contractor. With regular inspections on your roof, you will be able to diagnose problems before they get worse. Working with a roofing contractor will ensure you are able to keep your roof in the best shape and address some of the smaller issues before they start to affect your roofing structure or the components of your roof.

If you are interested in making the right roof repairs for your flat roof, contact us today to check into these top signs of trouble and make sure you are completing immediate repairs when they are required. 

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