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Florida is subject to hurricanes and storms many times per year. Tampa’s subtropical climate is characterized by extremely hot summers and frequent thunderstorms. These extreme conditions demand homeowners choose their roofing materials with care. To make informed decisions, homeowners should speak with a Tampa roofing contractor. This article will discuss the pros and cons of three roofing materials that are the best in South Florida roofing.

Best South Florida Roofing Materials: Pros and Cons

1. Asphalt

Florida homeowners love asphalt shingle roofs as their preferred materials for South Florida roofing. Its cost-effectiveness is the reason. An asphalt roof doesn’t require you to have a large budget. Asphalt Shingles come in two varieties: one with a cellulose mat and one with fiberglass. You can choose from three types of shingles depending on the quality: strip shingles or dimensional shingles.

Because it only requires one layer of asphalt, strip shingles are the most affordable. It is also lightweight. Dimensional shingles are made with two layers. They are stronger and thicker than regular shingles. They have a three-dimensional appearance similar to wood shakes because they are thick. Luxury shingles have three layers and are the thickest. These shingles give your roof an elegant look that’s similar to slate. These are the most costly.

Asphalt shingles are affordable because they have a long service life at a minimal cost. You should make sure that they are securely attached to the roof rafters. If asphalt shingles are not properly attached to the roof structure, Florida’s strong winds can cause damage. So that wind doesn’t lift them, seams must be glued below.

2. Clay & Concrete Tiles

These roofs can be made of clay or concrete tiles. These tiles are resistant to wind. Florida requires a roofing material that is resistant to hurricanes and other storms. It also requires a material that can withstand severe heat and heavy rains. Concrete and clay tiles are water-resistant. The homeowners don’t have to worry about the rain soaking through their roofs. You don’t have to be concerned about your roof being damaged or cracked by the sun during the summer heat. They can withstand all climate conditions. They can withstand wind, sun, and rain. These tile roofs are custom-made to suit any architecture and will enhance your home’s style.

Global warming has made it clear that there is a real danger of fire. Tile roofs are fire-resistant, and vermin-resistant and help keep your attic clean and pest-free. They’re also extremely energy-efficient, keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer while protecting your living area and attic from moisture. Additionally, they offer a quiet shelter during the rain and require almost zero maintenance. The only downside is their heavy weight, which demands extra sturdy roof frames.

3. Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are the most economical South Florida roofing. It is less expensive than concrete or slate tiles. Lightweight metal doesn’t require strong roof frames. Because it is lightweight, it is easier to install. You can find metal in many beautiful colors and shapes. Metal is compatible with all architectural styles.

The metal roof has a very high reflectance. The metal roofs reflect the sun’s heat, so it does not heat up the interior of your home. It retains heat from the interior to keep you warm in winter. Your energy bills will be positively affected by a metal roof. Because it doesn’t absorb water, your attic or living space will be free from dampness.

Metal is both fire-resistant and water-resistant. Metal roofs resist wind to a large extent. It is indestructible. It is very durable and requires little maintenance. Also, it can be noisy in the rain if it does not have a proper muffler. You can find the right South Florida roofing material for you by weighing the pros and cons.

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