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Top Questions to Ask Your Pinellas County Roofing Contractor

Pinellas County residents who are interested in working with a local contractor for roofing services should ask the right questions before they sign any contract. The right contractor will help you to meet the requirements of your job and provide a pleasant experience. These are the top seven questions you should ask any Pinellas County roofing contractor.

Are Repairs Possible?

It’s a good idea to ask whether it is time for a total replacement or if repairs can be made. It is possible to repair your roof in smaller parts than you would need for a complete replacement. This can be done by a qualified roofing contractor.

Are There Any References From The Past?

To get a feel for what it is like to work with a Pinellas County roofing contractor, ask about their past references. You can talk to some of their references and get honest answers about things like how punctual they are, how hard they work on the job, and other details.

Do You Offer a Warranty On Roofing?

Some roofing contractors offer a special warranty that covers their labor for a one to five-year period. Contractors who are willing to stand behind their work will be able to show craftsmanship.

What length of time have you worked in the industry?

It is important to find a contractor with a lot of industry experience. This will ensure that the team works efficiently and to code.

Are You Able To Obtain a Business License?

A contractor who has insurance and a business license can help to protect you from liability when they work on your job site.

These are some questions to keep in mind as you search for a Pinellas roofing contractor. Reggie Reed Roofing offers a free estimate if you’re looking for a roofing company. Our roofing company is family-owned and operated by three generations. We are licensed and offer a warranty on all of our work. Contact us today!

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