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Like you, we are homeowners and family men and women who’ve taken residence in the Tampa Bay area. In fact, our family-owned and operated business has grown progressively in this region for over 60 years. We understand the area and the potential impact that residing here can have on your home. Hillsborough County itself typically gets 360 days of sunshine on average. In fact, one of the highest records of consecutive sunny days belongs to this beautiful city. With a whopping 768 days – over two years! This is just one of the reasons why you should consider looking for experienced Hillsborough County roofing companies!

The sun is just as dangerous an element. However, as any rain or hurricane can be. Perhaps not as quickly, but over time. Just take a look at your shingles. Any chip, crack or buckle could tell you the story of hundreds of sunny days that have eventually taken their toll. It’s a good idea to get your roof inspected. Get your roof checked for sun damage, water damage, or wind damage by Hillsborough County roofing companies. 


Looking for the best Hillsborough County roofing companies? At All Star Roofing and Repair, we are more than happy to offer you professional support and services. From free inspections and estimates to the roofing job itself, we’ve got you covered. Our services include maintenance, new installations, roof replacement, and 24/7 emergency support. Our Hillsborough County roofing contractors are always available to help!


What constitutes an emergency varies from person to person, but there are a couple of key ideas you can keep in mind when it comes to validating the service(s) you need as emergency-related. For one, what state does the roof or ceiling appear to be in? Is anything sagging or crumpling? Are there any major leaks? Is water or moisture finding its way into your home at a rapid pace? These are things that should be addressed immediately, so you’ll want to consult a professional today!

If the matter doesn’t appear to be as pressing, and you believe it can wait a few days, it might be better for your budget. Keep in mind though, that an emergency repair doesn’t have to be done right to do the job for the time being. So if you have the means of alleviating a problem before it becomes drastic, it may be in your best interest to stall for a little bit before doing a complete overhaul on your roof. For more information on how to best resolve your issue, feel free to contact our Hillsborough County roofing contractors in Tampa FL for a professional opinion.

Hillsborough County Roofing Companies

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Whatever the project or problem, All Star Roofing and Repair is here to help. We’re available every day from 7:00 AM until 10:00 PM, so please feel free to give us a call so that we can answer any questions you may have. Remember that it is important to do your homework first. It may be in your best interest to conduct your own do-it-yourself roof check before consulting a Tampa roofing professional. Once you do, give us a call so that we can run through a more through inspection with you and explain any potential hazards or reparations that may need attention and why. We’re happy to help however we can. Because we mean what we say: we’ve got you covered! We provide cost-saving advice and superior craftsmanship. Call our Hillsborough County roofing contractors today to begin the process of acquiring an exceptional roof.

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