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Riverview, Florida is a stunning and sophisticated location for both residents and businesses. With its proximity to Florida’s most breathtaking beaches and a wide array of delectable dining options, it offers an exceptional lifestyle. However, it’s important to note that Riverview experiences frequent thunderstorms and hurricanes. In preparation for weather warnings, residents diligently monitor and fortify their homes and buildings. 

When it comes to ensuring the durability and storm resistance of roofs and exteriors, property owners in Riverview trust All Star Roofing. We provide top-notch services at the best prices in the area. Choose us as your go-to roofing company in Riverview, FL.

Are You Looking for the Best Roofing Contractor in Riverview?

You’ve probably realized that there are a lot of options available if you’re searching for a Riverview roofer. You might be wondering which one is the best choice for you. Here’s what we have to say: Choosing one of our highly skilled professionals is an investment worth making. All Star Roofing is proud to employ the most skilled and trustworthy experts in the field.

Our roofing professionals have years of experience with each type of roofing system. As a licensed and fully insured company, All Star Roofing will ensure that your investment is protected. We can make your home stand out from the rest without requiring you to spend a fortune. 

Take a moment to read our customer reviews on Google, BBB, and Home Advisor. We are motivated by their honest feedback and references. If you are looking for long-lasting and cost-effective results, we would love to assist you.

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What Can Our Roof Replacement Estimate Do for You?

Is the roof damaged beyond repair? It can be difficult to determine without a thorough inspection. If you would like to evaluate your repair or replacement options, we can provide you with an estimate. Having an estimate from a professional reduces the risk of unexpected charges and gives you more time to plan. It’s important to take action after a careful assessment of your roof and your finances, as last-minute decisions may not be the best.

At All Star Roofing, we offer a FREE roofing estimate. You can then consult with our experts or choose to have a full inspection. We will provide you with an accurate assessment of the condition of your roof, along with the scope of necessary improvements and useful estimates.

Roofers in Riverview Working for You

All Star Roofing is committed to being the premier roofing company in Riverview, FL. We offer the best roofing warranties, attentive customer service, and impressive materials.

We understand that your home is a source of pride for you and your family. That’s why we strive to complete your roofing project to the highest standards.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. All Star Roofing is always available to address your questions and alleviate any concerns you may have.

A roofing project is a significant investment, and using high-quality materials is crucial. All Star Roofing in Riverview can provide you with a variety of materials that come in different colors and styles.

Rest assured, All Star Roofing will take care of your roof. We are committed to providing you with the best manufacturer warranty available.

What Is the Best Roofing Material for Riverview at a Reasonable Price?

Asphalt shingles with 3 tabs are the most cost-effective shingles available. Also known as builder grade, these shingles are commonly installed in new construction homes and smaller investment properties in Riverview.

  • Aesthetics: They provide a slate-shingle look.
  • Lifespan: Typically lasts 12-15 years.


Protection: As the smallest asphalt shingle, they offer the least protection against wind. During a major storm event, they are more likely to be blown off your home at wind speeds of only 60 mph.

  • The average cost of 3-tab shingle roofing is $7,300 – $10,600.
  • What are the advantages of financing my roof project in Riverview?


Small monthly payments: You can make smaller payments over time instead of paying a large sum of money upfront. Depending on your credit rating and payment terms, you may be eligible for low-interest rates throughout the loan term.

Deferred upfront payment without interest: You can defer a payment upfront without incurring interest. This allows you to avoid interest while still delaying a payment. Loans offering 0% financing upfront have no prepayment penalties, but they must be repaid within a specified timeframe.

Delayed payments: Certain loans allow you to defer payments for a specific period. After the period ends, you will need to start making regular interest-based payments. This option is suitable if you need to complete a roofing project quickly for safety reasons but don’t currently have the funds.

Fast approval process: Applying for roof financing is made simple and seamless through modern technology. You can apply online, through mobile applications, or by phone. This method eliminates paperwork, but it requires an electronic signature. After your information is reviewed, you will receive approval notices within minutes.

When Should I Replace My Roof?

Before hiring a professional roofing contractor to inspect your roof in Riverview, there are a few things you can do yourself:

  • It’s time to replace your roof if most of the shingles or tiles are missing.
  • Assess the extent of the damage to determine if a replacement part is needed.
  • If there are large holes or cracks in the roof, you may need to replace the entire roof.
  • Replace the roof if it has reached its lifespan to protect your property and avoid costly repairs in the future.
  • If you have had multiple repairs done on your roof, it’s best to replace it.
  • Consider the severity of the weather that caused roof damage when deciding whether to replace the entire roofing system.

Can I Extend the Life of My Roof Without Replacing It?

You can avoid the need to replace your roof by using the right materials, scheduling timely maintenance with a local Riverview roofing contractor, and performing roof repairs as necessary. However, if you are experiencing problems in any of the above areas, it may be time to consider roof replacement.

Roof replacements may not be as exciting as buying new cars or going on vacations, but they are essential. The roof of your house is integral to its structure and is there to protect your family and possessions. Neglecting your roof can lead to further issues. By keeping up with necessary repairs or replacements, your roof will continue to serve its purpose.

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