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As the absolute worst-case scenario, consider this: Is the interior of your home exposed to the elements outside in any way? If so, that definitely constitutes an emergency roof repair. However, maybe the potential damage isn’t that obvious. Most cases, in reality, would fall into that area of uncertainty. 

In these instances, you must use your best judgment and ask yourself: Is it okay to wait several days for an emergency roof repair? Or is it a matter of several hours? In any case, if you aren’t confident in your assessment, it is entirely reasonable to call a professional roofing company to send someone out to do an inspection. Whatever you do or don’t notice, an emergency roofing expert is much more likely to have an idea of what is occurring with respect to your roof. They should be able to honestly point out how big of an emergency your situation is, or whether you can reschedule the roof repair for a little while.

There are certainly some potential hazards you should be able to identify without any professional assistance. The degree to which the repairs constitute an emergency, however, might be better left to an inspector. Nevertheless, you should consider emergency roof repair services when:


The shingles are the first line of defense for your home from exposure to any elements. Any impairments to the shingles should be of concern, but none so much as if a large area of shingles are damaged, or worse, gone. This is because the layers of material underneath become vulnerable to moisture, among other forms of detriment.

Emergency Roof Repair


It wouldn’t be the wisest thing you could do, to ignore any kind of leak. However, not all leaks are equal. You may be able to hold off on reparations for a little while. If you left leaks unchecked, you’re just asking for further damage to your structure, and with that, for more money to come out of your pocket.

Consider the volume of water entering your household. Is it a small drip here and there, or is it a larger amount of water coming in regularly? The latter deserves immediate attention. Whereas something smaller could likely wait until regular business hours.

Even more so, consider the structure. Look at the ceiling, particularly in the attic, if your house has one. Does the roof appear to be sagging? This would mean that moisture has already compromised the layers in a large area of your roof. This could constitute an emergency as well. Should the roof not appear on the verge of collapse, it may be wise to test the structure by prodding it with the handle of a broom, or something of the sort. If it doesn’t budge, you could be mistaken at best, and it could be an oversight at worst. If the ceiling moves in any way, though, the structural integrity is probably compromised. Call All Star Roofing for any emergency roof leak repair needs!

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This could occur for a number of reasons. Perhaps there is an issue with moisture seeping in, or perhaps it is possible that there is a problem regarding improper ventilation. Either way, when you have compromised decking, so is the integrity of your rooftop, more importantly – your home. The decking is the last line of defense in the layers of your roof, so it’s important that it stays intact. Not doing so could pose a structural hazard, which means seeing rot there is a valid reason to call for an emergency roof repair contractor

Think about it: your roof deck is most likely made of wood. If the wood is rotting, it is no longer as durable as it once was; it loses strength. Since this is the foundation for the other roofing materials on top, it is a real possibility that putting off this repair could, in turn, put you and your home in harm’s way. The absolute worst-case scenario here is the very real possibility of the roof collapsing, endangering anyone in the area. If anything constitutes an emergency, certainly this would.

In any case, factoring in potentially inclement weather, roofing company hours of operation, and cost, among other things, may help you determine how big of an emergency any of it is. It’s important to realize, no matter what, that no amount of damage – regardless of how big or small it appears – should go unnoticed and unfixed for long. It would just cause you more trouble than it’s worth in the end.


From June to November, it is nearly inevitable to hear about the potential inclement weather headed toward the Tampa Bay Area. Therefore, it is pivotal to prepare for external risky conditions such as high winds and torrential downpours. The very best thing you could do for yourself and your home is to prioritize protecting your roof.

Keeping up with basic roof maintenance is a good start to this. If you’re up to the task, do a thorough roof inspection yourself before calling an inspector. This means looking for things like missing or curled shingles; broken or cracked surfaces; clearing out the gutters; and if you’re up for it, installing straps.

Strap installation takes some time, however, so it may be a service you ask for from whoever conducts your complete inspection. Essentially, roof straps would securely fasten onto your roof and hook onto the structural beams of your home. While they’re not a guaranteed strategy, they are certainly a step in a positive and protective direction.


Let’s not let the rain fall down on you. If it’s by rain or extremely bad weather, your roof will keep you safe and dry in the year’s rainy and windy months. When you think your roof might have a leak, what are some signs that you will need a roof replacement or repair?

1. Missing or Damaged Shingles

A strong breeze of wind in the wrong direction can contribute to the need for an emergency roof repair service for an aging roof. When you’re exposed to the underside of your shingles, you might anticipate a leak. After major windstorms, take a closer look at your shingles if your roof is older. When a few shingles have damage, you can replace a small portion of the damaged shingles, while a large section may necessitate a larger replacement of the roof. When you have damage that is just on one side of the roof, you may have a partial repair to complete.

2. Impact on the Roof

Throughout a thunderstorm or a rainstorm, your roof hiding in the trees above your home will face more hazards. Although trees are pleasant to look at, they may lose limbs or fall down entirely as they age or get hurt. It is very likely that the roofing strip and damage the material that protects your home from leaks when a big branch or tree falls on your home.

3. Animals on Your Roof

Although a visit by a bunch of harmless birds is nothing to worry about, animals such as squirrels or raccoons can hide in your roof and chew holes. When you’ve noticed new or unusual animal behavior around your home, you may want to take a look and see if your roof has any holes.

4. Your Gutters Need Replacing

Problems with your gutters may not seem like a roofing issue at first. But they sure will cause several issues that can lead from the gutter to the roof itself. Gutters clogged with debris or leaves from nearby trees and branches can result in water backups that loosen damaging the joint structure of your roof and causing leakage.

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